Who quite knows where Biggles came from.. He has swept into the Club with a zany enthusiasm and the ability to fix almost anything.

We are very lucky to have Gerry as our Events Officer. He brings enviable organisational skills and a quiet industry, meaning that all our events will be beautifully planned!

Simon brings a joyful enthusiasm and patience to his coaching. He joined the Club to rediscover his love of kayaking and has pushed his own skills, while supporting members in building up their own.

Jeremy has found a love for SUP. As a qualified Paddlesport Instructor, Jeremy brings his passion for SUP to others.

Stuart ensures that all of the Club’s policies are fit for purpose and that we have clear operating procedures for all our activities.
As a Paddlesport Instructor, Stuart provides a calm and patient approach to support every paddler develop their confidence and challenge their skills.

Meg is the first point of contact for all coaches and instructors. She sorts out the rota for the season so that every Club session is covered by the number of qualified leaders needed. Meg also leads on training for coaches to make every coach still feels challenged in their own paddling and their leadership skills.

Kate is an amazing adventurer. She takes on impressive challenges of paddling to the Isle of Wight or round fjords in Norway. As a qualified Paddlesport Instructor, Kate brings her ambitions to the waters of Cuckmere.

What a team… Simon is working with Biggles to manage all the vital equipment our Club offers.

Darren joined the club in 2015, shortly after buying a sea kayak. Then, he soon discovered white water river running… And got hooked. Now he enjoys a range of disciplines.

Nicola joined the Club in 2017. She found a Club that is full of lovely people ready to share their enthusiasm, expertise and skills.
As Chair, Nicola’s role is to coordinate the Committee and make sure every officer can achieve what they want to for the Club.