I understand that canoeing & kayaking are assumed risk water sports that have inherent risks. I accept these risks & recognise that, whilst the club will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all members, it is nevertheless my responsibility to ensure my own safety & not to act in any way that creates a danger to anyone. I accept that it is my responsibility to inform the group coach of any medical conditions before participating in a club session.

I agree to abide by the Rules & Guidelines, Codes of Conduct, Constitution & Safety Policies of CVCC as displayed on the noticeboard & available on the club website or from the Club Secretary upon request.


Terms of Membership


All members please note that due to lack of available volunteer coaches to supervise on the water there is no guarantee that all members will be able to participate in every club session.
Parents/guardians: You are responsible for children under your care until you have signed them in with a duty coach. You should not leave your child until they have been allocated to a coach. You must make the coach aware of any medical conditions before your child is left under their care! 
A full set of the CVCC Club Policies, Rules and Regulations can be found on the downloads section of the website. Hard copies are available upon request from the Club Secretary.
Photos - Members of the club may from time to time take photos that include you/your child for use on the website/social media; if you have any objection to this then please make a committee member aware. Photos are only taken to promote the club and individuals will not be named unless permission given.
Data Protection - All data in this form will be retained by the club & stored securely. CVCC may from time to time need to share your details with approved CVCC members (coaches & trip leaders) when organising & promoting club activities.

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